About Us

On The Go ME has partnered with two committed to excellence
manufacturing companies that share the same vision of providing you
the option to choose organic, kosher, 100% toxic-free products that help
you become your best #onthegoME. Our mission is to
#inspirehealthyliving and help our customer adopt healthy habits
#onechangeatatime. You can #Live, #Grow, and #Eat the life your body
is begging you to gift it.
On the Go Me has selected to Bridge Gaps of health and environmental
needs to the body by providing you the option to shop for your
home and health needs in one platform, www.onthegome.com

Live It Provides products that are guaranteed 100% free of toxins for your
#skin, #body, #baby, #home and #pet.
Grow It Is easy to set up, maintain, and grow organic #towertotable produce
via an aeroponic vertical Tower Garden.
Eat it can fulfill your body’s demands for veggies and fruits on an a la cart
basis; Over 30 veggies and fruits in a capsule, a delightful non-dairy organic
protein shake powder, tasty kosher protein bars and last but not least, a vegan
blended #omegas satisfying the need for 3,5,7, and 9 Omega.
Did you say cleanse?
The Shred10 Program is a 10 day program that allows you to shred bad habits and
toxins while flooding your body with over 45 organic fruits and vegetables in
just 10 days.
I am delighted, honored and excited to work with you on this new and exciting
journey. How will you start your journey to a healthier you?


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